Serving the Pacific Rim Bio-Tech Industry

Dragon Bio-Consultants, Ltd., is a virtual SME headquartered in Hong Kong SAR. We are Hong Kong registered company, # 1429099. We are an organization of experienced entrepreneurial senior executives and strategic partners in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. We assist clients who wish to conduct business or explore business opportunities in Hong Kong SAR, PR China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore and South Korea. Dragon Bio-Consultants believes that there are abundant and potentially successful business opportunities when proper risk management principles are implemented when doing business in this region. We aim to help our clients get smarter, more engaged, more informed and more organized through deep channel collaborations.

Our virtual business model is to focus on growth while maintaining operational efficiency – engaging ourselves and our clients more seamlessly across a wide range of geographic, functional, and generation boundaries and borders.

It's been said that art, creativity, and innovation are about the recognition and mastery of constraints. At Dragon Bio-Consultants we work with our clients with this focus in mind when doing business in Asia-Pacific.

"Creating Traction for Action...through unification, simplification and amplification."